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S - Sunshine

Sunshine, in moderation, is a good thing. Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from natural sunlight. A few minutes a day can help lower the risk of osteoporosis, rickets, the exacerbation of type 2 diabetes, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Vitamin D helps protect against prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, depression, colon cancer and schizophrenia.

Some Benefits of Sunshine


  • Improved assimilation of calcium
  • Increased number of red blood cells and hemoglobin
  • Increased vitamin D levels
  • Improved blood pressure, energy, and digestion

Obesity impairs utilization of vitamin D, thereby increasing the required amount.

Chronic vitamin D deficiency may be confused with fibromyalgia because of similar symptoms of muscle weakness, aches and pains.

Limited exposure to the sun is a risk factor for Vitamin D deficiency.A few minutes a day of exposure is sufficient for most people, depending on how far away from the equator they live and the amount of melanin in their skin. Vitamin D is “activated” in the body by the kidneys and liver, so kidney disease or liver damage can impair the body’s ability to activate circulating vitamin D.

Limited sunlight exposure can be a healing therapy.The body makes vitamin D free of charge.No prescription required.

"Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD." -- Psalms 4:6

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Vitamin D, 5000 IU (60 softgels)
Price: $11.00
Vitamin D, 5000 IU (60 softgels)
A dietary supplement, 100 tablets. This product contains NO yeast, wheat gluten, soy protein, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring.
Highest rated, and most bioavailable products. To your good health!