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W - Water - Filtration

Pure water is essential to optimal health.

Water is used by the body for every chemical or metabolic function it performs to maintain life.  Life cannot continue without water.  Approximately 2 ½ quarts of water are lost from the body daily. The same amount is normally taken in.

Sources of Water

•  Food Consumed - Real foods (raw fruits and vegetables) are 75-90% water.
•  Oxidation of Food - Water is a byproduct of digestion and energy production.
•  Fluid Intake - Direct intake of fluids.•

Purpose of Water in the BodyFactors Increasing Need for More Water:

1.  Transportation of NutrientsProcessed, incomplete foods
2.  Cellular Fluid •Non-food additives, i.e. salt, spices, preservatives
3.  Extracellular FluidDrugs, medications, tobacco 
4.  Blood Plasma •Toxic drinks (soft drinks, coffee, tea, alcohol)
5.  LymphFasting
6.  Temperature RegulationToxic elimination processes (healing crisis)
7.  Gland and Organ Secretions

8.  Metabolic Processes

Refresh your body with pure, clean water!

"To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life." -- Revelation 21:6

Highest rated, and most bioavailable products. To your good health!