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O - Oxygen / Pure Air

Nothing is more essential to life than air. You may live without food for more than a week, and without water for a few days, but your time without air is measured in seconds. Clean air is a critical resource for maintaining life and health, yet 62 million Americans live in areas that have unhealthy air. We inhale air pollutants with every breath.
Air pollution can make you sick. It can cause your eyes and nose to burn and your throat to be itchy and irritated. It can of course cause trouble breathing. Some of the chemicals in polluted air cause cancer, birth defects, and long-term injury to the lungs and respiratory passages, neurological, reproductive, and immune systems.
Many factors such as environmental toxins, food additives, chronic stress, and genetic predisposition, working together, weaken the body. The combined burden and sustained stress of many small insults to the body can tax it's defense systems until finally they overwhelm the body's ability to maintain health and begin to manifest as disease, lack of energy, and depression.
Pesticides and herbicides are only a small part of the total toxic burden we unwittingly place on our bodies. The constant assault also includes solvents (such as paints, adhesives, carpeting, dry cleaning), exhaust from transportation, heavy metals and other inorganics such as carbon monoxide. People who have developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) are "canaries in the coal mine" alerting us to unseen dangers in our environment.

An air purifier can remove air pollutants and relieve allergy symptoms. Several good brands are available on the market.

We care about cleaning the air your breathe!

"Let everything that has breath praise the LORD." -- Psalms 150:6
Highest rated, and most bioavailable products. To your good health!