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We describe the journey to health as Nature's Own Pathway to Health .

Health is a journey.  To achieve the optimal health your body is capable of, first determine where you are now with baseline measures of digestion and assimilation.  Avoid pitfalls by learning about health.  Learn what your body needs and what stresses it has now.  Next, stop the toxic input.  Stop putting in bad stuff.  Yield to the needs of your body.  Start putting in good stuff.  Follow the pathway to health by measuring results, resolving problems, and enabling changes.  Health is a daily journey.  Make a daily commitment to health.  Blessings and good health on your journey.

It begins and ends with nutrition and also includes attitude, toxin removal, undoing the wrong, rest/sleep, exercise, sunshine, oxygen (pure air), and water (pure water).  First, give the body the nutrients it needs.  Cultivate an attitude of faith, hope, and love.  Remove stored up toxins with physical, mental, and spiritual cleansing. Undo the wrong by resolving problems and managing changes to enable a healthy lifestyle.  Rest/sleep means periodic restoration of the body free from anxiety or disturbance.  Exercise needs to be regular, repeated, appropriate use of the body to develop and maintain physical fitness.  Sunshine, warmth and light given by the sun's rays, contributes to improvements in Vitamin D, red blood cells, blood pressure, calcium, energy, and digestion.  Clean air is essential because oxygen is needed for metabolic processes and the conversion of glucose to energy.  Pure water is needed for all chemical reactions in the body.

We offer coaching and information resources on your journey to health and well-being and have researched and recommend a small number of products that are helpful in support of each of the core facets of health.  

Health begins and ends with nutrition.  It is a process, not a project.  That's why we call it "Morning By Morning."  It is a daily commitment.  The designer of our bodies also designed the perfect food for our bodies and gave us a Users Guide.  "I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end."  He provides all that we need.  Look to His Word for guidance in health as in all things.
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Morning By Morning Pathway to Health
Price: $15.99
Morning By Morning Pathway to Health
Morning By Morning Pathway to Health By Norma DeVault, PhD, MBA, RD, LD Published: 12/18/2012 Format: Softcover Pages: 224 Size: 6x9 ISBN: 978-1-46272-333-1
Highest rated, and most bioavailable products. To your good health!