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Vitality Bundle - ATHLETIC

Price: $119.00
Manufacturer: Healthy Alternatives

"Healthy Alternatives Plus" Amino Balance – Rationale 

Amino Balance Support System provides a balanced formula of 15 L-crystalline amino acids, synergistic vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Dietary support for poor protein digestion and utilization, low protein diets, and for those with special needs – such as athletes, environmentally or immune challenged, sugar imbalances, and additional stress factors. Requires no preliminary digestion.

"Healthy Alternatives Plus" Carni Q-Gel Energizer – Rationale 

"Healthy Alternatives Plus" Carni Q-Gel Energizer is a powerful cellular energizer, antioxidant & lipid transporter for maintaining healthy heart, vascular, & immune function. The most bio-available Coenzyme Q-10/ L-Carnitine formula available. Liquid in a softgel. Ingredients: 1. COENZYME Q10 (Hydrosoluble) 30 mg 2. L-Carnitine (as Fumarate) 250 mg 3. Vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate) 12 mg 4. Vitamin E (as acetate, hydrosoluble) 75 IU


"Healthy Alternatives Plus" Concentrated Liquid Ionic Mineral Support –Rationale 

 "Healthy Alternatives Plus" Concentrated Liquid Ionic Minerals contain highly bioavailable ionic trace minerals and electrolytes, used to support optimal mineralelectrolyte sufficiency.  "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." Dr. Linus Pauling, Awarded two Nobel Prizes.  In addition to acting as “building blocks” for our bones, teeth, muscles, nerves, connective tissues, and body fluids, ionic minerals serve as co-factors to the enzymes that speed up the biochemical reactions required for our bodies to function optimally. Minerals support the body‟s natural processes directly related to:

·          Every biochemical process and activity of the body.

·          The acid-base balance (pH) of the body.

·          Proper cellular metabolism, nerve conduction, muscle function, organ function, hormonal secretion of glands, and digestive competence.

·          Activation and utilization of amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes, fats, oils, phytochemicals, proteins, sugars, and vitamins.

·          Delivery of nutrients into, and removal of wastes from every cell and tissue, fluid, gland and organ.

·          Proper structure and function of the hair, skin, nails and five senses.

·          The anti-oxidation process, which protects against aging, degeneration and dis-ease.

·          Protection against toxic heavy metals. 


"Healthy Alternatives Plus" Physician‟s Rx Daily Multiple –Rationale


 Healthy Alternative‟s Plus Physician‟s Rx Daily Multiple Support System supports the body’s natural processes directly related to:

·          Protecting and maintaining healthy body structure and function

·          Increasing overall fitness and well-being

·          Cardio-vascular health

·          Immune system health

·          Energy production

·          Protecting against premature aging 

Many people's nutritional reserves have become depleted due to a poor diet, stress factors, poor lifestyle, habits and addictions, limited exercise and activity levels, and exposure to chemicals and toxins.  If you do not provide the essential nutrients to the body you will impair its normal functions. You may not be sick enough to be in bed, but remember that the 'normal' aches, pains, and tiredness that a majority of American's are experiencing are often linked to nutritional deficiencies and resulting biochemical imbalances as a root or contributing cause. By supplying the body with the nutrients it requires to express optimum health, you address the actual underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptom. 

Highest rated, and most bioavailable products. To your good health!